WG B: Materials and Standards

New WG B Structure

Chair: Costas Charitidis (NTUA, charitidis@chemeng.ntua.gr)

Co-Chair: Jesus Martinez de la Fuente (ICMA, jmfuente@unizar.es)

Co-Chair: Wolfgang Unger (BAM, wolfgang.unger@bam.de)

If you would like to get involved with WGB please get in touch with the Chair or Co-Chairs or Ioannis Xiarchos (NTUA, xiarchos@chemeng.ntua.gr). To subscribe to the WGB mailing list please click here.


WG Materials and Standards will include the old WG1 materials, and the Standardisation sub group from the old WG7 (which is no longer a working group but is replaced by the Communication cross-cutting core activity) and should have just 1 chair. Activities could focus on provision and upscaling of nanomaterials libraries, support for pilot lines projects, as well as supporting applications of nanomaterials in related areas such as counterfeiting, traceability etc.

WG aims and objectives:

  • Identify new developments in nanotechnology of interest for the nanosafety community
  • Identify standard materials for toxicological tests
  • Identify relevant physical properties for toxicity testing
  • Identify and compare SOPs for nanomaterial characterization/dispersion methods
  • Trigger discussion on material issues among the nanosafety community

Recent activities

  • Compilation of a list of material that are under consideration/development as Reference Materials from various EU projects and groups
  • Review on literature on new developments on material science that are of interested for the nanosafety community
  • Identification of useful physico chemical properties and characterization techniques for materials in a nanosafety context

Upcoming activities

  • Continue with the compilation of materials list that are under consideration/development as RMs from various groups
  • Continue with the reviewing of literature to identify which physical chemistry properties are priority for risk assessment of ENPs; search on new developments on material science that could be of interest for the nanosafety community
  • Search on literature and propose discussion on the physico-chemical characterization issues related to nanomaterials in their 2nd to 4th generation in a nanosafety context
  • Continue with the compilation of the list of characterisation techniques that are under validation with the aim of being established as reference methods
  • Publish the materials list and compilations in the NanoSafety Cluster webpage
  • Promote discussion among the participants in the WG and with other WGs within the cluster on issues related to the materials in the perspective of nanosafety evaluation