Publicly accessible exposure database

Dear Colleagues,

Exposure measurement data are needed by regulators, industry and academics to provide a good exposure estimate for the risk assessment process. The exposure data that have been collected are in different formats and different data repositories from different (EU funded) projects (SUN, GuideNano, NANOSH, NANEX, NANODEVICE, NanoNextNL, NanoMile, NanoFase, NanoRelease, caLIBRAte, CERASAFE). 

The aim of this Task Force is to create a publicly available exposure database structure that is linked to the eNanoMapper platform (and therefore also automatically ECHA EUON compatible) with a suitable exposure ontology. The database is and will remain publicly available. The exposure data will be made available through the eNanoMapper (and ECHA EUON) platform.

Further information on the proposed Task Force can be found here.