Task Force: (nano) TiO2 safety communication

The Task Force aims to adequately and accurate cover the scientific findings regarding TiO2 and TiO2 nano safety and to provide independent and transparent scientific opinion and advice to stakeholders. The selection criteria for available studies will be applied to find the best available in vivo and in vitro evidence; the later might serve to understand underlying mechanisms.

The deliverables will include a report to be published in a scientific journal on recent evidence on genotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicityof TiO2 considering inhalation, as well as oral and dermal route of exposure. Information will be collected from NSC/ EU funded projects as well as from recent publications in the scientific literature and  recent publically available reports. An opinion on the CLH for TiO2 dossier to ECHA, EFSA, NIA, CEPE, TDMA will also be delivered and (generic) guidelines for nano-safty state of the art to be used by  regulators (REACH and CLH regulation). The Task Force will also try to propose a scheme for communicating scientific evidence regarding nanomaterial safety findings in the most efficient and transparent way.

The Task Foce launched in January 2018 and further details can be found here.