Task Forces

Unlike a working group, a Task Force (TF) is a unit or formation established to work on a single defined task or activity with a clear output and deadline for delivery.


A TF is initiated by the Steering Group (SG) and consists of volunteers from the pool of NSC members and is given a specific budget by the SG. The members choose their own chair, who will maintain contact with the NSC coordinator. The following topics serve as ideas/questions for task forces:



  • Are there any specific nanotechnologies for which risk is likely to be relatively high?
  • How do we move toward nano/innovation risk governance?
  • What should, and can, be the relation of upstream scientific assessment to downstream risk management, and to economic development of what has been designated a "key enabling technology" for Europe?
  • How to include the area of risk perception (emotion) and its close links to risk assessment (ratio) into ongoing NSC activities
Enhanced coordination and gap assessment:
  • NM risk assessment: Can the activities of existing projects funded be mapped out in order to identify what is addressed and where the gaps remain? Which questions are asked, which methods are applied, and which answers are found?
  • "Safer by design" of NMs: Can the activities of projects funded be mapped out in order to identify what is addressed and where the gaps remain?
  • How to identify the needs and challenges in important application fields / sectors? How to assess the necessity of NanoSafety work in the specific sector?
  • a REACH dossier for different materials (e.g. TiO2) based on NSC projects data – what we are confident on versus where are gaps still (methods not available, no data available etc.).?
  • Comparison evaluation of same material through cosmetics / REACH / food and medicine and see what issues arise?

To see the currently active and soon to be initiated TF please visit the relevant section choosing from the panel on the left.

If you have a proposal for a new TF, please fill in this form and forward to either Anastasios (Tassos) Papadiamantis (A.Papadiamantis@bham.ac.uk) or Thomas Carney (T.Carney@bham.ac.uk) who willl then forward your application to the appropriate Coordination Team (CT) Member for further discussion and evaluation.