NanoSafety Cluster Face-to-Face Meeting and Data Harmonisation Workshop, Brussels, 2017


NSC meeting & ECHA data harmonisation workshop

18/19 October 2017 (Brussels)

Location: UoB Brussels office, 22-28 Avenue d’Auderghem/Oudergemselaan 
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium 

The EU NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) face-to-face meeting and Data Harmonisation Workshop, which took place at the University of Birmingham's Office in October 2018, comprised of two parts: a regular NSC face to face meeting in the morning of the first day, followed by the NSC and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) co-organised workshop on data harmonisation. The workshop aimed to bring together EU coordinators of current, recently completed and newly starting projects and other interested parties, including ECHA, to discuss nanosafety data. The afternoon of the first was dedicated to project specific presentations on strategies (past, present, future) for data capture, storage and archiving and data formats and was followed by an open discussions to understand what barriers may exist in data harmonisation and ways to overcome them.

The 2nd day involved an introduction of the EU project consensus view from the first day, followed by a presentation from ECHA on what is expected/needed for the EUON and workshop sessions discussing the main databases currently available and how their data can be harmonised across database capture systems (including consideration of SOPs), followed by discussion on database ontology harmonisation and requirements for transfer to the EUON. The aim of the workshop was to increase the NSC community’s ability to pool data, enhance data sharing and collaborations within the NSC and facilitate future data import into ECHA’s EU Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON).

The reports for both the NSC face-to-face meeting and Data Harmonisation Workshop can be accessed through here and here, respectively. The latest draft of the nanoinformatics roadmap can be accessed by clicking this link.