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Apr 6, 2013



NHECD free access web based information system is open and can be accessed via

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Synopsis of NHECD project

NHECD is free access, robust and sustainable web based information system including a knowledge repository on the impact of nanoparticles on health, safety and the environment. It includes a robust content management system (CMS) as its backbone, to hold unstructured data (e.g., scientific papers and other relevant publications). It also includes a mechanism for automatically updating its knowledge repository, thus enabling the creation of a large and developing collection of published data on environmental and health effects following exposure to nanoparticles.

NHECD is based on text mining methods and algorithms that make possible the transition from metadata (such as author names, journals, keywords) to more sophisticated metadata and to additional information extracted from the scientific papers themself. These methods and algorithms were implemented to specifically extract pertinent information from large amount of documents. NHECD created a systematic domain model of concepts and terms (i.e., a wide set of domain taxonomies) to support the categorization of published papers and the information extraction process within this project.

The unique features of NHECD allow different user groups - academics, industry, public institutions and the public at large - to easily access, locate and retrieve information relevant to their needs. The creation of the NHECD knowledge repository enriches public understanding of the impact of nanoparticles on health and the environments; it supports a useful instrument for the implementation of relevant regulatory measures and law making.

The link to NHECD data-base is: