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Apr 12, 2019

3rd EU-Asia Dialogue in Nanosafety

3rd EU-Asia Dialogue on Nanosafety
18th of March, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
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Posted by: Anastasios.Papadiamantis

On 18th of March, 2019, the 3rd edition of the “EU-Asia Dialogue on Nanosafety” took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

NANOTEC organized the event during the ASEAN Next 2019 conference held at Pullman Hotel (Soi Rangnam) in Bangkok. Over 70 participants from 16 nations attended to this dialogue.

The aim of the EU-Asia Dialogue on Nanosafety is to exchange information, knowledge and experience, as well as sharing resources between the major players from the EU and Asia.

The 1st EU-Asia Dialogue on Nanosafety was held in Tehran, Iran, on 28th of November, 2017, followed by the 2nd EU-Asia Dialogue on Nanosafety on 29th of October, 2018, in Vienna, Austria. The main topic of the 3rd Dialogue event was “Occupational Exposures to Manufactured Nanomaterials and Waste Disposal”. The decision to focus on occupational exposure and waste disposal was based on the discussion held between OECD and CDC – The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) program which gives importance to life cycle assessment of manufactured nanomaterials and related exposure scenarios in workplaces.

The event report is available to view here.