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Jul 5, 2018

PhD-candidate for the NanoCommons project

PhD-candidate for the NanoCommons project
FHML/NUTRIM – Department of BioInformatics
Category: Research Opportunities
Posted by: Anastasios.Papadiamantis

Nanotechnologies is increasing our ability to improve our quality of life. Whether is it innovative medicine, ingredients in new beneficial products, or reducing the cost of smartphones, nanomaterials have found their way into our society. However, like any chemical of natural or synthetic source, sometimes the chemical substance cause adverse outcomes. The European Union has funded research projects to explore nanomaterials, their many uses, and their potential toxicity. Furthermore, there is an increasing interest in the development of Adverse Outcome Pathways for the regulation of chemicals on the market, particularly when combined with molecular pathways, such as found in WikiPathways. However, a common language and infrastructure is missing that unites these research fields. That is where NanoCommons comes in.

Further information can be found here.