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Feb 2, 2015

1st Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology

Berlin, 5–6 March 2015
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Together with the Fraunhofer “Food Chain Management” Alliance and the Fraunhofer Alliance “Nanotechnology”, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) organises the 1st Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology on 5–6 March 2015.

The integration of nanomaterials along the entire value chain creates new challenges and requires new approaches in terms of design, testability, reliability, and safety.

The BfR is active in an interdisciplinary approach towards the characterisation of nanomaterials, in regulatory toxicology as well as in risk perception and risk communication of nanotechnology. The Fraunhofer Alliance “Nanotechnology” is not only engaged in applied research and industrial applications but also addresses toxicity and safe handling of nanomaterials. The Fraunhofer “Food Chain Management” Alliance investigates the effectiveness and the environmental properties of nanomaterials.

Within the scope of the two-day event, the status quo in application, research, and regulation will be presented. Besides the characterisation, the toxicology of nanomaterials will be in the focus. Furthermore, the societal acceptance of nanotechnology will be discussed.

See the flyer here.