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Oct 7, 2014

Summary of the Spring 2014 NSC Database Survey

The NanoSafety Cluster Database working group (WG4) organized in Spring 2014 a survey for the community to summarize the current state of databases. A summary of the responses is now available.


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Posted by: lesley.tobin

Earlier this year, the NanoSafety Cluster Database working group (WG4) organized a survey for the community to summarize the current state of databases, including questions of a more technical nature.

This survey is a first in a continuous biannual effort and attempt to collect, organise and share up-to-date information about NanoSafety-related databases worldwide. For example, it included questions about application programming interfaces, database schema, supported input and output formats, etc.

This document summarizes the responses we received before August 2014.
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About WG4 Databases
The Databases Working Group of the EU Nanosafety Cluster is tasked with agreeing on data interoperability and a common language (one or more ontologies) for European databases for project results and data, that will ensure longevity of data (beyond individual project lifetimes) and enable wide uptake and accessibility of the data to modellers, risk assessors and other researchers, as well as being able to communicate with other international databases.

The first step towards this is an assessment of the current state-of-the-art in available databases and nano-etymology, to ensure that we are not reinventing the wheel, but that our decisions are informed, and our final product meets the needs of the entire research community.

Monthly teleconferences are organized on the second Tuesday of the month, at 3pm CEST (or 3pm CET). You can register your interest to participate by joining the mailing list.

For more information, go to: