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The event on Fostering EU-US Cooperation in Nanosafety took place in the context of the BILAT USA 4.0 project which was funded by the European Union, and initiated on 1 February 2016. This initiative aims at enhancing and developing science, technology, and innovation (STI) partnerships between the U.S. and Europe. A particular focus of the project activities is on intensification of interactions between EU and US researchers and innovators, the support for the improvement of research and innovation framework conditions, the provision of analyses delivering a sound base for political decision making and an enhanced coordination and synergies between different European and US policies and programs.
The aim of this workshop was to establish a stronger connection between the Mexican and European research & innovation community within the context of bringing scientific information to the risk assessment, risk management and policy level.

SAVE THE DATE: October 15-16, 2019
EU-U.S. NanoEHS Communities of Research (CoRs) Workshop
Aix en Provence, France

Workshop, Hackathon (co-organised by OpenRiskNet and NanoCommons)
13 – 14 Dec 2018 / Brussels, BE
Malta Initiative Workshop Brussels
COV2 Auditorium ERCEA (SDR2), 11 December 2018 10.00-13.00
ACEnano introduces external training events at NanoSAFE 2018
6 November 2018, Grenoble, France

EC4SafeNano Workshop on Blueprint for Nanosafety Platform Development & Sustainability (BNP-DS)

5 November 2018, Grenoble, France

First BIORIMA Stakeholders Workshop
Date: November 6th, 2018
Location: Valencia, Spain

Risk Governance Models Webinars available on caLIBRAte website
OECD joint meeting with NanoReg2 and Gracious
to Host Scientific workshop on Grouping of Nanomaterials.
Workshop on SAFETY ASPECTS IN PILOT LINES an EPPN-NSC i2L joint session
7th November 2018, NanoSafe Conference, Grenoble, France
EC4SafeNano Workshop
Blueprint for NanoSafety Platform Development & Sustainability
 Monday 5th November 2018 at NANOSAFE 2018 conference, Grenoble, France
Joint PATROLS-GRACIOUS-NanoSafety Cluster event on harmonization of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A joined PATROLS  GRACIOUS – Nanosafety Cluster event (WG C)

12-13 June 2018, Bilthoven, the Netherlands

This workshop aims to bring together people with hands-on experience in the tests as well as those familiar with writing SOPs  in order to create and advance SOPs on a variety of topics. There will be breakout sessions where (pre) selected SOPs will be presented and discussed.



The next H2020 HISENTS project stakeholder workshop will take place on 25 April 2018 at the Fraunhofer Institute Germany. 
The NSC Training Group within Dissemination has successfully applied for the ‘Common Dissemination Booster’ service from the European Commission. The application was made on behalf of all projects within the NSC and thus all projects will be able to be involved directly within the training programmes of Dissemination capacity building and Dissemination campaign management

The next NanoFASE workshop on on Airborne Nanomaterials will take place in Duisburg, Germany on 28-29 November 2017.

NanoMONITOR 2nd Stakeholders’ Day

24 October 2017

Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster, UK

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"Measurement and classification of nanomaterials according to the EU definition"
24 October 2017: Frankfurt/Main - Germany

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Venice, Italy


Event date: Thu, 29.09.2016 to Fri, 30.09.2016

Event place: National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece


Event date: Tue, 25.10.2016

Event place: Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden, Germany


Event date: Monday, 24 October 2016

Event place: Rheinfelden, Germany

2nd May, 2016
DECHEMA, Frankfurt, Germany
Registration deadline: March 25th, 2016.
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10 February 2016
Technology Park, Basel
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May 30th & 31st, 2016

Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Berlin, Germany

The workshop takes place 23rd to 24th October 2014 at the European Chemicals Agency,  in Helsinki, Finland. Express your interest to participate by 15 May 2014.

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Summer School

Synthesis, characterization and aquatic ecotoxicity testing of nanoparticles

16th - 17th June 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

QualityNano-NanoFate-NanoMILE Workshop and Training School on “Putting environmental realism into nanosafety assessment” 

4-7th March 2014

Birmingham, UK

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Date: 29th of November 2013
Venue: Brandenburg University of Technology, Senftenberg

  • Training Day (May 6th, Barcelona)
  • nanoLCA 2013 (May 7th & 8th, Barcelona)


Announcment (PDF)

Programme (PDF)


When: 16/06/13 - 18/06/13

Where: Karlsruhe, Germany



When: 31/08/13 - 01/09/13

Where: Prague, Czech Republic



When: 21/03/2013 - 22/03/2013

Where: NH Laguna Palace – Venice, Italy


When: 17/03/2013 - 22/03/2013

Where: Venice, Italy


When: 30 January 2013
Where: Brussels

Registration is open until 9th January 2013.


When: 29/11/2012 - 30/11/2012

Where:  Palermo, Italy

When: 11th of June 2012
Where: The Natural History Museum, London

When: 24th May 2012
Where: Bilbao, Spain

When: 15/06/2012-16/06/2012
Where: Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

When: 28/09/2011- 30/09/2011
Where: Leiden University & RIVM, the Netherlands

When: 17/10/2011 - 18/10/2011
Where: King’s College London, United Kingdom

When: 12/10/2011 - 14/10/2011
Where: Slovak Medical University in Bratislava

When: 16/08/2011 - 23/09/2011
Where: University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany


When: September Tuesday 20th – Wednesday 21st 2011

Where: Milan, Italy

When: 21/09/2011 - 22/09/2011
Where: Food and Environment Research Agency, York, UK

When: 26/09/2011 - 27/09/2011
Where: University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

When: 7-8th of July 2011
Where: At the CEREGE in Aix en Provence (France)

Brainstorming workshop on forhtcoming call topic "Regulatory testing of Nanomaterials" - Brussels, 25th May 2011
A two days Symposium that will be held on the 4th and 5th May 2011 at LEITAT Technological Center, Barcelona (Spain).
The Closing Workshop of the FP7-NANOMMUNE project is scheduled to take place on June 17, 2011 in Stockholm.