European NanoSafety Cluster Compendium

The 2017 Edition of the Nanosafety Cluster Compendium of projects is the first to be dominated by Horizon 2020 funded projects, featuring updates on 11 running H2020 projects, and introducing 6 newly started H2020 projects. There are now only 4 still-running FP7 projects, with 6 having finished in the first half of 2017, all of which provide progress updates here. In addition, the active NanoSafety Working Groups provide updates on their progress in the last year, and the revised WG structures are presented as part of the reinvigorated NSC structure and leadership.

The link below to view the latest Edition (June 2017) of the European NanoSafety Cluster Compendium, which contains information on all 17 running H2020 projects as well as the running (4) and recently completed (6) FP7 projects. Information on older projects can be found in the previous editions of the Compendium.

European NanoSafety Cluster Compendium 2017

The previous editions of the compendium are available here 201320142015 and 2016

For further information on work achieved under Europe's Framework Programmes prior to H2020, please click here.