Steffi Friedrichs is the Founder & Director of the AcumenIST. She has been a leading expert, policy advisor and business representative for emerging technological innovation for over 20 years. Wishing to support the advancement of transparent, science-based policy-making, Steffi gathered a strong track record in the establishment, development and representation of technology-based companies, and created and ran participatory technology assessment workshops. She initiated several outreach and communication initiatives to foster the public understanding of novel technologies.

Keld Alstrup Jensen is a Professor and Senior Researcher at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE). His research focuses on materials and methods for substance identification, grouping and biological fate testing, occupational exposure measurement and assessment, and tool-development for control banding and predictive risk assessment and management. Currently he is Co-Chairing Working Group C focusing on Human Risk Assessment.

Monique Groenewold is currently coordinator of the Knowledge and Information Center for Risk Nanotechnology (KIR-Nano) at RIVM (since 2012) and coordinator of the H2020 project Gov4Nano. KIR knowledge and information point risks of nanotechnology -nano signals risks of nanotechnology and developments for people and the environment. This organization connects different research fields within RIVM and (inter) nationally and translates this into policy.

WG Co-Chair

Thomas Kuhlbusch is Unit Head of the Air Quality and Sustainable Nanotechnology division at IUTA. His expertise include R&D coordination, development of research plans, personnel and finance management, adviser for state agencies, public bodies and industry and coordination of national and international networks and research projects. He is currently a Co-Chair of Working Group G.