Systems Biology Working Group (WG8)

Chair: Bengt Fadeel,, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (NANOSOLUTIONS)

Vice Chairs: Dario Greco, (NANOSOLUTIONS) and Shan He, (NanoMILE)

Representative to the Cluster Steering Group: Bengt Fadeel

WG aims and objectives

  • WG8 seeks to bring together nanosafety researchers – including toxicologists and ecotoxicologists, omics and bioinformatics experts, and material scientists – in order to develop and promote best practices for systems biology approaches in nanosafety research, through development of SOPs, and with the organization of training courses and workshops.

Recent activities

  • Inaugural meeting, September 2013, Birmingham, UK with representatives of one dozen nanosafety projects. At the time of writing (Dec. 2015), about 50 members on the WG8 mail list.
  • Two-day workshop on mechanistic toxicology and high-throughput molecular approaches organized during the joint QualityNano + NanoFATE + NanoMILE meeting, Birmingham, UK, March 5th - 6th, 2014. NanoFATE scientists F. Dondero and P. Kille chaired the two sessions. Also, similar session organised at the 24th SETAC meeting in Basel, Switzerland in May 2014.
  • Systems Biology session at the 7th International Nanotoxicology Congress (April 2014, Antalya, Turkey) with speakers from nanosafety projects in Europe and US. Chair: B. Fadeel.
  • Organization of 1-week course on «Toxicogenomics, high-throughput data & network analysis in NANO» (September 2014, Aveiro, Portugal), with speakers from SUN, MARINA, NANOSOLUTIONS, and MODERN. Course organizer: M. Amorim, University of Aveiro, SUN.
  • Systems Biology session at the «Nanosafety Forum for Young Scientists» (9 October 2014, Syracusa) (with COST Action MODENA): H. Bouwmeester, and M. Driessen; chair: B. Fadeel.
  • Conference dedicated to «Systems Biology in Nanosafety Research» 9-10 November 2015, Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Organized by NANOSOLUTIONS (B. Fadeel) with participation from NANOMILE (M. Viant, co-chair, WG8) and other members of WG8.
  • At the nanosafety cluster meeting in Paris, September 2015, Prof. B. Fadeel was re-elected as chair and Dr. D. Greco (NANOSOLUTIONS) and Dr. S. He (NANOMILE) were elected as vice-chairs.

Upcoming activities

  • Book dedicated to «Systems Biology in Nanosafety Research» to be published by Springer (2016). Editor: B. Fadeel. Contributing authors will be selected from EU and other regions.