Chair: Judith Friesl, Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN) Project
          Marketing & Training Manager, The REACH Centre

Co-Chair: Danail Hristozov, Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN) Project
                 Ca'Foscari University Venice

Group objectives

Although not all NSC project have specific work packages dedicated to training, most of them have budgets to perform either internal or external training in order to ensure knowledge transfer among consortium members and external stakeholders which constitutes very effective forms of dissemination.

Although many nanosafety training events are taking place in projects every year, until now there has been no coordination of these activities on the NSC level.

The objective of NSC Training group is to align the training agendas of the NSC projects in order to ensure:

  • high level of skills and consistency within the projects;
  • transfer the generated knowledge to external stakeholders;
  • enhance the training offerings through collaboration and sharing of experience;

 Working plan

  1. Identification of contact persons for training activities from all NSC projects.
  2. Documentation of projects' training activities (courses, schools, PhD theses, etc.) - previous, upcoming training and future ideas
  3. Coordination of training activities - avoid duplication of training offerings, foster collaboration among projects and promotion of events
  4. Create guideliens and Help desk for training activities
  5. Coordinate Transnational Access activities


Bi-monthly teleconferences are organised. Please register your interest to participate by joining our mailing list:


2015-08-13: First Telcon
2015-11-18: Second Telcon
2016-01-21: Third Telcon
2016-04-06: Fourth Telcon
2016-07-20: Fifth Telcon
017-06-08: Sixth Telcon