Dissemination Working Group (WG7)

Chair: Claire Mays (NanoFASE) claire.mays.nanofase@gmail.com
Institut Symlog de France

Co-Chair: Alex Rinkus (ProSafe)
Nanotechnology Industries Association

Training Sub-group Chair: Judith Friesl (SUN)
The REACH Center

Standardization Sub-group Chair: Benoît Hazebrouck (NanoRegII)

Representative to the Cluster Steering Group: Iseult Lynch (NanoMILE; Future NanoNeeds)
School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham

Aims and objectives

Working Group 7 is responsible for dissemination and communication activities within and on behalf of the NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) Community. We are here to help with dissemination of NSC project events, ideas, etc. and we are especially keen to support other Working Groups to achieve their goals.

We aim to increase the impact of Cluster projects and also Working Groups, by making the research, methodologies, tools and outcomes more widely known. Our WG7 includes subgroups devoted to Training and to Standardization.

WG7 offers the following media for outreach

As a Cluster project participant, you can also join and participate in any of the NSC Working Groups (contact individual chairs), as well as register for updates and mailouts.

Upcoming activites

In 2016-17, WG 7 seeks to foster conversations about nanosafety:

  • What are the potential risks of applying nanotechnology? What are Cluster projects doing to assess and address risks, and to enhance safety? Which questions are asked, which methods are applied, and which answers are found?
  • How do Cluster projects contribute, in the short or mid term, to nanoproducts that are "safe by design"?
  • What should, and can, be the relation of upstream scientific assessment to downstream risk management, and to economic development of what has been designated a "key technology" for Europe?
  • To explore such questions, WG7 wishes to engage with interested stakeholders in academia, regulation, industry, and civil society, and with the media. We welcome inquiries and proposals for mutual learning.