Overview and recommendation of data quality

Contact: Christoffer Åberg, University of Groningen

The WG4 intended to document and keep accurate a working definition of data quality and recommend a minimal standard for reporting. This work has later been superseded by other efforts, within the WG4 and in related fora. Example efforts in this area includes the Nanomaterial Registry MIAN and the CODATA/VAMAS UDS. A more detailed discussion can be found in Marchese Robinson et al. Nanoscale (2016), in particular Section 3.1.

Nevertheless, discussions within the WG4 focussed on which experimental details that need to be recorded ended up with recommendations that are less covered by existing proposals. Therefore, the below list is kept here for posterity.

Working draft

Note: This list should be viewed as a snapshot of provisional thinking regarding the issue as of September 2013. Readers should be aware that it is in no way a unanimous final recommendation of WG4.

  • nanoparticle
    • chemical composition
    • crystal structure/crystallinity
    • purity
    • shape (incl. aspect ratio etc)
    • surface area
    • surface charge
    • surface chemistry (including composition and reactivity)
    • solubility
  • dispersion medium
    • medium
    • concentration of serum
    • origin of serum (species)
    • heat treatment
  • dispersion characteristics
    • agglomeration/aggregation state
    • particle size/size distribution
    • zeta potential
  • cells
    • type
    • seeding density
    • population growth phase
  • exposure conditions
    • volume of nanoparticle dispersion
    • excess controlled?
  • controls
    • use of positive and negative controls (where applicable)
    • use of nanoparticle-based positive and negative controls (where applicable)