Exposure Working Group (WG3)

Chair: Wouter Fransman, wouter.fransman@tno.nl,TNO (GUIDEnano, NANoREG)
  • Claus Svendsen, csv@ceh.ac.uk, NERC-CEH (GUIDEnano, NanoFASE)
  • Soco Vazquez, LEITAT (GUIDEnano, NanoFASE, CaLIBRAte)
  • Representative to the Cluster Steering Group: Wouter Fransman
  • Sub-group on Release - Soco Vazquez (GUIDEnano, NanoFASE, CaLIBRAte)
  • Sub-group on Environmental Fate & Exposure - Claus Svendsen (GUIDEnano, NanoFASE, CaLIBRAte)
  • Sub-group on Human Exposure- Wouter Fransman (GUIDEnano, SUN, NANoREG)

Aims and objectives

  • To encourage sharing of project methods, techniques/results/data by coordination and sharing through various means and activities.
  • To encourage cross project technical best practice to extract, prepare and analyse samples, to characterise and quantify NM exposure properties in real product lifecycle, exposure and environmental samples.
  • To encourage sharing of project results/data by coordination of transfer and hosting of libraries/(databases)

Prospective coordination actions

  • Harmonization of data collection, analysis, reporting, and formats for storage and retrieval.
  • Development and agreement on research priorities
  • Coordination and resulting tuning of running/planned projects activities between projects in the area of exposure assessment; subdivision of work etc.

Proposed coordination tool – Small focused meetings/workshops

  • Focus on the immediate science issues, but keeping longer term issues (comparability & databases) in mind during development.
  • ~30pers, 1-2 days on a main issue +possible mini workshops/training elements
  • Target the relevant projects and their key people to send for the set issue (based on NSC Compendium or FP7 NSC review).
  • Include completed, finishing and starting projects to ensure handover of the state of the art and research priorities between projects
  • Ideally focused towards delivering a review paper (combining motivation and guarantee of communication all in one);

Recent activities

  • Release Sub-group:
    • 1st Workshop - Harmonization Release Methods (Helsinki, April 2015 (SENN2015)
    • NEW Release WG3 SubGrp formed lead by Soco Vazquez (LEITAT / GUIDEnano)
  • Environmental Sub-group:
    • Good meetings at SETAC Barcelona (GUIDEnano on organizing comm. and chaired main nano sessions).
    • Characterization WS and Training in Vienna Sept 2015 – linked with OECD WG.
  • Human Sub-group:
    • Joint GUIDEnano, NanoReg and SUN measurement campaign was concluded,
    • Harmonisation of exposure data collection and sharing (NANoREG, SUN, GUIDEnano, ProSafe, eNanoMapper). Using NECID (Nano Exposure and Contextual Information Database) as a shared structure to collate and share exposure data.
    • Review of risk management along the lifecycle of nano-enabled products within the SUN and GUIDEnano projects.

Upcoming activities

  • Open Workshop on ontology Basel Feb 10th 2016 organised by eNanoMapper, with sessions on Release, Environmental and Human Exposure assessment delivered by GUIDEnano, NanoFASE, SUN and NANoREG.
  • Open Environmental Exposure Workshop
    • Joint action of NanoMILE with JRC, supported by GUIDEnano and NanoFASE, Spring 2016
  • 1st Open NanoFASE stakeholder workshop - Sept/Oct  2017
    • Addressing Release and Environmental exposure – Modelling, Measurements and Implications
    • Includes training course
  • Open NanoFASE workshop / conference on airborne ENM: Measurements, Implications and Modelling - Nov/Dec 2017