EU US Nanoinformatics 2030 Roadmap open for commenting until the end of 2017!

Comments can be added directly via the comment feature, as general comments or specific requests for additions / subtractions /clarifications etc. Line numbers have been added to help identify the specific text you refer to. You can add your name to the comment box, or register as a guest, or if you prefer to email your comments, that is also possible (to and

You can also comment on existing comments, but please be respectful – this is a community document that will be referred to by project consortia developing proposals for the 2018 nanoinformatics calls (Horizon2020).

We especially encourage comments from industry, regulators and other non-academic stakeholders.

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DownloadEU US Roadmap Nanoinformatics 2030 - version for final commenting to 2017-12-30

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